EggsHam is a PalmOS application that generates (and grades) practice amateur radio licensing exams. It is for people interested in obtaining an amateur radio license in the U.S., so that they can practice taking the Technician, General, or Extra exam.

Current version is: 1.0p2008 (application version 1.0, pool release date 2008.) In version 1.0 EggsHam now displays the release date of each pool so that you can see if you have the most recent pool or not.

This version is updated for the July 2008 Extra pool. The next question pool change (for the Technician pool) is scheduled for 2010 - you can start reminding me anytime. :-)
For version 0.05 or later:
If you prefer to see the question numbers ("T1A01", "G1A01", etc) at the start of the questions, there is now a preference to display them; you must install the databases included with the 0.05 version.

Stability: No one has complained about bugs, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

There are instructions in ye olde README file.

The illustrated walk-through will show you how it looks to take a practice exam. You can look at this to decide whether you will like this application.

You can download EggsHam here under Download (or wherever they've moved it to this year.)

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